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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement in ICEF

ICEF’s effort to develop a culture of openness, collaboration, trust and responsiveness, we are committed to providing parents with meaningful opportunities to become involved in their child’s education and school life to become active members of the school community. ICEF recognizes the valuable role that parents play in their and other children’s academic and social development. As we strive to create strong parent-school partnerships, we want to encourage parents to communicate with teachers and to monitor their child’s academic progress. We also want to offer our parents a variety of opportunities in which to participate, voice concerns, and contribute to the school community. To ensure that an effective parent engagement program is carried out, every ICEF School employs a Community Relations Coordinator (CRC), whose job it is to work with parents, coordinate and oversee parent involvement activities, and facilitate meetings. The Community Relations Coordinator also serves as an intermediary between the school and its families to act as an advocate for parent concerns. ICEF’s parent communication plan offers parents and students multiple ways to stay informed, and to access relevant and up-to-date information about their child’s progress and performance, and school activities. Stakeholders may also view school-wide academic performance and other vital information through the school’s website, school communications, or by requesting it at the school office. The parental involvement policy has been developed over many years with input from parents, including established parent groups such as the School Site Council and Parent Information Meetings. ICEF schools disseminate this policy to parents through Parent Information Meetings, the Parent-Student Handbooks, the school’s website, and school postings. ICEF reviews its program annually and revises it to reflect the current needs of the school community.

Involvement Opportunities at ICEF

 ICEF schools have established the following opportunities for parents and stakeholders’ involvement in our schools:

  1. Attend Title I/Title III Meetings
  2. Participate in and/or become a member of the School Site Council
  3. Participate in Parent/Family Volunteer Program
  4. Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences
  5. Attend Parent Information Meetings (PIM)
  6. Attend Parent Grade Level Meetings
  7. Conduct Parent Classroom Observations
  8. Attend ICEF Wide events
  9. Participate in school wide surveys (including LCAP Surveys)
  10. Attend Special Meetings with Directors and Instructional teams